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Finding the right caregiver is an important and difficult task for elderly family members. We offer you the quality care that gives you, or a loved one, the freedom to live at home! Please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss everything we can offer. Elderly home care is what we do, and it is always our pleasure to help.

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Affordable Elderly Care

Looking for a home caregiver for the elderly in Ocala or The Villages? Our elderly home care services can be tailored to the needs of each person we offer care to. We are a local family-run agency giving you the freedom to live at home. Covering Ocala, Marion County, The Villages and surrounding areas.Ocala Caregivers, Inc. can provide companionship, the comfort of knowing someone is there for you or your loved one, or even respite services. These caregivers can assist by providing housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, or escort service for outings of all types. Caregivers can also serve as a liaison between clients and their families or doctors by reporting any unusual incidents or changes in the client’s status. Do either you or a loved one need quality care that gives you the freedom to live at home?

  • Do you or a loved one live alone and need assistance around the house?
  • Do you or a loved one rely on others for transportation, shopping or simply getting out of the house?
  • Have you or a loved one considered moving into a facility to receive the services and assistance needed?
  • Have you or a loved one recently rehabilitated from an injury or surgery?
  • Do you have a fear of yourself or a loved one falling while alone?
  • Are you concerned about a loved one eating properly and receiving proper nutrition?
  • Does your primary caregiver need respite service?

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, give us a call and let us explain the services we offer so you have a better understanding of who we are, and what our caregivers can do for you. It’s all about peace of mind.

OcalaCaregivers, Inc. is here to serve Ocala, Marion County and The Villages, by maintaining a continuous communication with our clients, the client’s family and caregiver, and being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who are we?

We offer care services for the elderly and disabled in Ocala and Marion County, as well as The Villages. Contact us today about our caregivers, our home care services or if you would just like to speak to someone about your situation. We are a family-owned and operated independent home care agency and we are here for you.

What services do we offer?

Ocala Caregivers, Inc., has a minimum shift length of four hours and a minimum service of eight hours per week. Service can be provided in shifts ranging from four hours to sixteen hours. The length of shift, number of shifts per day, and number of days per week is based on the client’s individual needs and wishes. Therefore, service can be provided accommodating any schedule from two four hour days per week to twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Caregivers are also available on a live-in basis. We offer these services:

  • Personal Services
  • Companionship Services
  • Transportation / Errand Services
  • Home Management Services
  • Respite Services
  • Services Information

Elderly Care Testimonials

Our elderly home care services and care givers are the best in Ocala, The Villages and surrounding areas!

She was the angel! Thank you so much for your fine services and thank God for the caregiver you sent! She was the angel that helped us through this ordeal.

She truly is God sent! I can not tell you just how much we love your caregiver. What a blessing she has been to our family! She truly is God sent! Thank you for bringing her to our family!

Your caregiver has been dedicated and loving in the care of our mother. She is a highly responsible, compassionate and professional individual. We will miss seeing her each week as she has become a valued member of our family. I would highly recommend her for future placement.

Just a note to say thank you for the service your agency has given my parents for the last few years. You supplied great assistance and allowed them to stay in their home. Your caregiver really gave us peace of mind knowing she gave them so much love and care.